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December 10, 20150 Comments

If you’re looking for a site that keeps its profiles updated and allows for keyword searches, Anastasia Date may be exactly what you’re looking for. You can sign up for free and enjoy browsing the profiles of women who are specifically from Russia, the Ukraine, and other former Soviet republics. Men, who are particularly interested in Eastern European ladies, take note – this site may be for you.

The other great thing about this site is the flexibility with keyword searches it allows. You can choose to browse through the Russian women’s profiles by her interests, whether or not she has children, even down to her hair length, eye color, and astrological sign. There is even an amusing little filter you can check that allows you to search for women who consider themselves “beautiful ladies,” though who makes the decisions on which are the “most beautiful” is anybody’s guess. Rest assured, though, that Anastasia offers a comprehensive look into Russian and Eastern European women who are looking into foreign men. even takes the liberty of clearing out the inactive profiles, so you can be sure that you’re contacting a woman who is actively using the site. And this is a good thing, considering the site’s complicated “credits” system. We know, we already told you that joining the site is free, and this is true; however, communicating with the ladies on the site isn’t. In order to send an email to the Slavic beauty on the screen, you have to purchase packages of “credits” to spend on communication – both sending and receiving emails costs one credit per message. Each credit costs roughly four dollars, so you can see how this would add up quickly if you were to engage in constant correspondence with several women at the same time.The good part about the credit system is AnastasiaDate translates all of the emails you get before receiving/sending them; not all of the ladies on the site are entirely fluent in English. Anastasia will also help you send flowers, set up romance cruises, and offers a translator for phone conversations – all for the appropriate price, of course.

Another thing to be wary of on Anastasia is the increasing amount of spammers that are signing on to the site. While Anastasia is generally considered one of the more trustworthy sites on the Internet in regards to spammers, more and more have been sneaking on to the site in recent months, which requires the user to be a little more wary, particularly if he receives unsolicited emails from “ladies” on the site. Be suspicious if any Russian girl sends you a response without you having queried her first: Russian (and other Eastern European girls) are unlikely to make the first move.

Essentially, if you’re seriously looking to dive into the marriage game and don’t mind burning some cash in the process, Anastasia is still one of the more reliable names in the game. Keep that debit card ready.

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