4 Reasons Western Men Love Asian Women

December 10, 20150 Comments

What is it about Asian women that drive American men wild? Whatever it is about these ladies from the Orient, they’ve definitely disoriented many Western men with their charms.

We here have very happily collected the top four reasons why American men are completely captivated with Asian women. Read on to find the source behind your feverish symptoms – of course, we can’t go so far as to offer a cure for what ails you, but a complete understanding of your Asian infatuation might let you know the source of the Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese or Japanese woman’s power.

1. Love Me Tender

Say what you will about the variety of tastes men have in women, but any man will melt like mochi in your mouth for a woman’s tender touch. Asian women are some of the most affectionate women in the world behind closed doors – any man who’s bereft of a woman’s soft touch will find nothing finer than what is in the embrace of a woman from the Far East.

2. Think About It

Admit it: nothing’s sexier than smarts. While an Asian woman may tend to keep her thoughts to herself behind those dark eyes and enigmatic smile, you can bet your bottom baht that her mind’s awhirl with what’s going on around her, processing and sorting information with the speed of a Fujitsu mainframe. Ever worry you’ve missed a detail or need an expert opinion? Just ask your Eastern woman – she’s likely come up with the solution to your problems before you figured out you had a problem in the first place.

3. Stir-Fry Skills
Your Asian lover likely knows her way around a wok or two. There’s something to be said – a lot to be said, actually – about a woman who can throw together a five-course meal on a last minute basis with apparent effortlessness. She’ll also turn that meal into a work of art with her presentation skills – and a smile when you tell her that the food is delicious, of course.

4. It’s About The Looks, Stupid

The bottom line: Asian women are sexy and exotic. From the slim tapers of an Asian woman’s waist to the black lacquer waterfall of her hair, an Asian women will have you by the you-know-what the moment she offers you a raised eyebrow and an asymmetrical smile. Face it – you were hook, line, and sinker the moment you saw her.

Now that you know the root source of an Asian woman’s power, the next question would be, how do we fight against this incredible onslaught?

Unfortunately, not even we have an answer for that one.

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